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Being independent we are free to act
in our client’s best interests.

What Our Clients Say

“I never dreamt I’d be singing the praises of a Financial Adviser however, here I am. I’ve known Michael for around 40 years and began working with him on a professional basis for the last few years. Michael answered my brief perfectly and informed me of all the benefits that I’m entitled to as a small business owner. Due to Michael, I now think I’ll be able to sit in the pointy end of the plane in my retirement!!”

Dominic Pearman, Managing Director, Pearman Media

“In a world of sub-standard, conflicted, commission based advice, provided by advisers in the employ of big institutions, Michael Radalj’s approach to providing financial advice is a revelation. Michael is strictly a fee only financial adviser.

The key features of Michael’s approach are a regularly updated view of his client’s risk appetite, clear and regular communications concerning both the macro environment, and the client’s own position, and specific advice as required. The most recent change has been formalizing a medium and long term plan with estimated outcomes. Michael has been a very positive influence in enabling us to transition to self-funding our retirement.”

Tony & Janet Richardson

“I am proud to say that Michael Radalj from Your Private Advisers is the first and only financial planning consultant I have ever appointed to look after my financial affairs. I have great confidence in Michael’s approach and in his discipline.

Michael is truly independent. He refunds to me all commissions that are paid to him by my insurers and investment managers. I often challenge him – especially on what I view as conventional financial planning theory. I’ve learned a lot from Michael through those challenges and he has even changed my opinion a few times.

That Michael is also a Chartered Accountant gives me further confidence that he truly understands how business works. His discipline inspires me to improve my own discipline. I also like his sense of humour.”

Chris Hedge,
Rugby referee & keen follower of the Waratahs, Lover of Tasmanian Pinot Noir

It’s your money and your life.

As independent financial advisers we are free to act in our clients’ best interests, delivering advice tailored to each client.

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